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Jackson County Physical Therapy is firing on all cylinders and experiencing immense growth. What has given them the confidence to grow their business? The unique combination of EMR and billing in one system from Clinicient.

Download this one-page customer spotlight to learn how the partnership with Clinicient has enabled them to:

  • Focus on patient care
  • Recruit and hire more staff
  • Improve overall office efficiency
  • And more

About Clinicient

We simplify care delivery for PT, OT and SLP clinics with one easy-to-use platform designed to streamline workflows, optimize outcomes and increase revenue. 

Committed to elevating rehab therapy to its rightful place in the healthcare ecosystem, we’re laser-focused on simplifying complex workflows for greater efficiencies and better outcomes. We help care teams to work smarter, not harder, with a fully integrated platform of solutions offering: EMR, Billing, Patient Engagement, Outcomes Management, RCM, Patient Management, Reporting, and Business Intelligence tools, all working together to deliver exceptional care.

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