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Your plan of care is the roadmap for a patient's treatment and key to communicating with patients, physicians, and payers. What are the keys to a smart plan of care which engages patients and physicians while meeting regulatory and payer requirements?

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  • The key elements to include in a smart plan of care
  • How to ensure your plan of care communicates effectively
  • Tips for creating a smart plan of care

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We simplify care delivery for PT, OT and SLP clinics with one easy-to-use platform designed to streamline workflows, optimize outcomes and increase revenue.

Committed to elevating rehab therapy to its rightful place in the healthcare ecosystem, we’re laser-focused on simplifying complex workflows for greater efficiencies and better outcomes. We help care teams to work smarter, not harder, with a fully integrated platform of solutions offering: EMR, Billing, Patient Engagement, Outcomes Management, RCM, Patient Management, Reporting, and Business Intelligence tools, all working together to deliver exceptional care.

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