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With major payers now covering therapy services delivered via telehealth, many healthcare leaders believe a quarter of outpatient care will be virtual by 2040.

For physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists, telehealth offers a new tool that can help them reach more patients, further personalize care plans, and improve patient engagement and satisfaction. In our white paper, we’ve explored the various benefits of offering telehealth services at your organization and compiled a detailed implementation process based on years of research and global best practices.

Reach more patients and help your organization thrive. Download this white paper to learn best practices in telehealth implementation.

About Clinicient

We simplify care delivery for PT, OT and SLP clinics with one easy-to-use platform designed to streamline workflows, optimize outcomes and increase revenue. 

Committed to elevating rehab therapy to its rightful place in the healthcare ecosystem, we’re laser-focused on maximizing the workflow efficiencies that drive better outcomes. We help care teams to work smarter, not harder, with a fully integrated platform of solutions offering: EMR, Billing, Patient Engagement, Outcomes Management, RCM, Patient Management, Reporting, and Business Intelligence tools, all working together to deliver exceptional care. 

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